Crucial COVID-19 Cleaning Tips for Your Sydney Office

Crucial COVID-19 Cleaning Tips for Your Sydney Office

Commercial office cleaning is even more important once employees return to work after COVID-19 restrictions ease.

However, sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start.

Therefore, we’ve used our experience and knowledge to put together a fantastic list of cleaning tips for your post-COVID office.

Create a Clean Office Plan

You should always plan to succeed when it comes to office cleaning.

A thorough office cleaning plan will help your business to conduct thorough cleaning at regular intervals. Moreover, it’ll ensure that no areas are left out of this process.

Too many businesses leave some parts of their office unclean, to the detriment of their employees. This oversight can lead to illness, and in the current climate, this is not acceptable.

A professional Sydney commercial office cleaning company can help your business to set up the best clean office plan possible.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re ready to help.

Educate Your Staff

Educating your staff on the importance of a clean office can have a huge impact on reducing illness at work.

This is because with good practice, your workers can greatly minimise the chance of risky germs and bacteria spreading through the office.

For example, simple things like wiping the bench or microwave after lunch or wiping down the keyboard regularly can be a great help.

Teaching them about germ hotspots in the office means it’s much easier to manage this risk. For the best advice, hire a professional Sydney commercial cleaning company.

Hire the Professionals

There’s only one way to get a thorough, professional clean in your Sydney office… hire Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

Our extensive experience and knowledge makes us the perfect candidate for regular commercial office cleaning for your space.

We absolutely guarantee our methods and have all the cutting-edge equipment to ensure your premises is left sparkling.

Moreover, our focus on health and safety means that our workers and your staff will be safe at all times.

Provide Sanitiser

Providing sanitiser and encouraging handwashing is a crucial, important extra layer of protection for your business.

For example, if your staff do touch a surface that might not be entirely devoid of bacteria or germs, using sanitiser regularly can combat this.

It’s easy to install permanent dispensers in your office, too. Just get in touch with a professional office design and fit-out company.

To discuss professional commercial cleaning tips for your Sydney office, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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