Combat COVID-19 in Your Strata Complex Common Areas with Regular Cleaning

Combat COVID-19 in Your Strata Complex Common Areas with Regular Cleaning

In any common area, it’s essential that every precaution is taken to prevent any spread of germs and bacteria.

COVID-19 can spread rapidly through touch, as well as airborne particles which can quickly settle on all manner of surfaces.

Therefore, it’s essential you clean your shared common areas regularly to avoid the possibility of this happening.

Lounges, corridors, bathrooms, balconies and other shared spaces simply must be cleaned. This is how to do it.

Hire a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company is the best way to make sure the common areas in your complex are in perfect condition.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we have the expertise to ensure that your common areas are sparkling clean at all times.

That means they’ll be free from germs and bacteria, eliminating much of the risk that is present for your staff.

It’s absolutely essential that you take these precautions as people begin to interact in the age of COVID-19.

Don’t Neglect any Space

You simply must ensure that every single space in your common areas is cleaned.

Too many cleaning companies or strata complex managers neglect some areas… which can only end in disaster for your tenants.

When you clean your strata complex common areas, you simply must ensure that every part of the space is cleaned thoroughly.

Cleaning Must Be Consistent

In these times, consistent commercial cleaning for your strata common areas is a must.

You simply must ensure that any space that sees regular use is regularly cleaned. This eliminates the risk of germs spreading throughout your tenants.

By regularly disinfecting seats, couches, tables and other items that see regular use, you’ll be doing everything possible to maintain a safe space.

Daily cleaning is essential, and even more regular cleaning is being seen in workplaces, restaurants and bars.

To discuss regular cleaning for the common areas in your Sydney strata complex, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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