Clean Focus: Stone

Clean Focus: Stone

The key to maintaining a natural stone surface is to wash it regularly.

Booking in a consistent clean by a contractor such as Sydney Sweep and Scrub is the way to go. We have a wealth of experience, and will clean your stone carefully and thoroughly.

As well as this, we are equipped with all of the technology and know-how necessary to give you the best clean possible.

Moreover, we will assess your stone first, so that we know exactly how to approach the cleaning project.

Remove Dirt and Dust

The first stage of the cleaning process is to remove any dust and dirt from your natural stone surface.

For natural stone, it’s best to utilise a sweep with either a broom or a leaf blower, as other applications can be too harsh for these materials.

By removing dust first, we’re able to deliver a more thorough clean.

Apply Chemicals

When using chemicals on natural stone, it’s best to avoid any acidic cleaning products.

This is because most natural stone is sensitive to acidic chemicals. In fact, these compounds can actually damage your stone surfaces.

Therefore, we always use appropriate, eco-friendly chemicals, and ensure that we clean up any run off after a project.

These chemicals help to soften up any stains, or dirt and dust that might be stuck to your natural stone.

Pressure Wash

After letting the chemicals soften up the dirt and grime on your surface, we utilise a pressure washer to blast the grime away.

A pressure wash will effectively remove any stains, as well as dirt and grime that has taken a hold of your stone surface.

We’re able to utilise cold and hot water, the latter which is perfect for removing any tough marks, or grease and oil stains.

Moreover, blasting your stone with high pressure water will strip it of any mould or mildew that may have built up.


To add another layer of protection to your natural stone surface, it’s a great idea to apply a coat of sealant.

After a thorough clean, applying a sealant will help to protect your stone against stains, and any other harmful contaminants.

Maintaining a fresh surface is crucial, and a sealant will go a long way in helping this.

To book in a clean for your exterior natural stone, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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