Clean Focus: Tiles

Clean Focus: Tiles

Porcelain pavers are a popular option for outdoor areas.

Thankfully, they are also quite easy to clean. However, they can still be susceptible to spills and stains, as well as a buildup of dirt and grime.

Therefore, to maintain a safe and visually pleasing outdoor area, it’s important to regularly clean your porcelain outdoor tiles.

Here is how.


The first step is to sweep the tiles clean of dirt, leaves and any other debris that builds up in an outdoor area.

By doing this first, it means we can deliver a more thorough clean overall. We can then focus on the tougher stains when pressure washing.

Due to the nature of porcelain tiles, we’ll sweep these surfaces with a broom or leaf blower, as mechanical applications may damage the porcelain.


Applying chemicals to the tiles will help to loosen up any tough dirt or stains, that may have taken hold on the surface.

Often, certain stains will require a degreaser.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, at Sydney Sweep and Scrub we only use eco-friendly chemicals.

This ensures that our impact on the environment is minimal.

Pressure Wash

Once the chemicals have softened up grime and stains, we can then pressure wash the porcelain tiles.

With a combination of high pressure water and chemicals, we’ll be sure to remove any unsightly marks from your tiles.

Moreover, we can utilise hot water for those more stubborn pollutants, as well as any grease or oil stains.

To schedule a wash for your outdoor tiles, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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