Carpark Cleaning: Common Contaminants

Carpark Cleaning: Common Contaminants

Carparks are prone to hosting all kinds of contaminants.

From filth that comes in on vehicles, to dust and leaves that are blown in by the wind, you’ll face a number of challenges when keeping your carpark clean.

Here are some common contaminants that we can help you combat, through professional carpark cleaning.


Many types of dust can find their way into a carpark.

Whether it’s blown in, carried in by vehicles or is a product of concrete degradation, dust presents a silent but deadly health risk.

For example, people exposed to dust are susceptible to irritation of the throat, eyes and skin. It can also aggravate existing conditions like asthma and bronchitis.

On a much more serious note, those who breathe in silica dust for extended periods can develop cancer later in life.

For these reasons, dust in your carpark must be handled professionally. Carpark cleaning is no joke, and should be handled by a thorough, adept contractor.


Often, carpark floor surfaces become coated with dirt. This dirt is usually brought into the carpark on the wheels of vehicles.

It’s unsightly and can present a health and safety risk to your customers. This is particularly the case if it becomes airborne.

Combat dirt with a professional Sydney carpark cleaning service.

Green Waste

Often, leaves, twigs and other green waste can find its way into your carpark.

We’re able to clean this kind of waste up swiftly and totally with our cutting-edge ride-on sweep and scrub machines.

With advanced sweeping and scrubbing technology, our carpark cleaning service will leave your concrete surfaces gleaming.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is a difficult one to remove, and unfortunately, it’s extremely common.

In fact, it’s estimated that in the UK, over 90% of street pavers have a piece of gum stuck to them. That’s a huge amount of what can only be described as pollution.

If chewing gum is a problem in your carpark, do not fear.

We’ll use tried and tested methods to remove gum, with hot pressure washing and eco-friendly chemicals combining to lift gum from your concrete.

From there, we can dispose of it responsibly.

Tire Marks

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, our carpark cleaning services are unrivalled, and we specialise in removing tough stains and contaminants.

Tire marks are no exception to the rule.

These unsightly marks will frequently appear in concrete carparks, but they do not have to remain there.

Employing a professional carpark cleaning company will see to those tire marks, making your carpark more pleasing to the eye.

To discuss a carpark cleaning service for your facility, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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