Car Parks and Tire Marks

Car Parks and Tire Marks

Rubber tire marks are a common issue in all car parks.

However, whilst they’re a regular problem for most car park operators, they’re notoriously difficult to deal with.

Tire marks appear on the surface of your car park due to a process called ‘plasticizer migration’. This occurs when a tire heats up from driving, and the plasticizer compounds in the rubber leak out of the tire and latch to the floor surface.

Therefore, because the compound sticks to the concrete or epoxy surface, these tire stains can be extremely difficult to remove.

The Negative Impact of Tire Marks

There are a number of negatives to having visible tire marks on your car park surface.

Firstly, they simply look terrible. The eyes of your customers and clients will be constantly drawn to these stains, and in the long run they’ll affect the perception of your business.

Secondly, as a result of the presentation of your premises being sub-par, the amount of business that your car park brings in will likely fall.

Drivers looking to utilise your car park may be turned off the idea by the sight of dark tire marks all over your concrete surface, thereby costing your business money.

Thirdly, having dark tire marks already present can encourage drivers to drive aggressively. They’ll likely be thinking, ‘what’s the harm in adding a few more marks?’.

In fact, one group of rev-heads utterly destroyed a UK car park by doing so many burnouts in the car park that the line markings were lifted from the concrete surface.

This resulted in a huge financial loss for the businesses present, and sizeable cleaning costs.

The Benefits of Removing Tire Marks

The benefits of removing tire marks revolve around important aspects of your business.

For instance, a mark-free car park will look professional, meaning the first impression your space gives off is always a positive one.

As well as that, a clean surface is more likely to deter drivers from coming into your car park with the aim of doing burnouts and vandalising the surface of your car park.

How to Remove Tire Marks

Removing rubber tire marks yourself can be a laborious process, not to mention expensive.

It’s absolutely imperative that you get onto these stains quickly, as the longer tire marks are left, the more difficult they can become to remove.

The process usually involves specialist cleaning products and degreasing agents, lots of time and plenty of scrubbing and power washing.

It’s a time-consuming activity if you don’t know what you’re doing, and it’s a problem best left to the professionals, like Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

We’ve been dealing with tire marks in car parks for a long time, and our experience and expertise is second to none. We have the cutting-edge equipment required to deal with tough stains, and guarantee our methods.

Schedule a routine sweep and scrub in your car park so that we can deal with tire marks before they become a problem for you and your customers.

To discuss removing your tire marks, get in touch with us here.

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