A Comprehensive Guide to Post-Construction Cleaning in Sydney

A Comprehensive Guide to Post-Construction Cleaning in Sydney

Cleaning up at the end of a construction project is an involved task. There is inevitably a range of areas that need a thorough scrub, and there will be all sorts of dust, dirt and stains to deal with. This is simply the nature of any building site!

However, it’s important that you ensure the structure is left in pristine condition, so that handover is smooth as can be and your client is happy. This won’t be the case if the building is still caked in dust and grime!

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re specialists in carpark cleaning, warehouse cleaning and of course, post-construction cleaning. We utilise tried and test methods to ensure a fantastic result, every single time. 

Here are the areas that must be cleaned during a post-construction cleaning project, and how to get the best results every time. 

Internal areas

Rubbish removal

The first step in any after-building cleaning project is waste removal. A construction project creates waste, and plenty of it. That might be timber offcuts, plastic wrapping and packaging, scrap metal and much more. You won’t be able to clean until this material is gone!

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we work with a fantastic rubbish removal company, enabling us to provide a comprehensive cleaning and waste management service, for building companies across Sydney. 


Whether your new build is an office, a residential complex or a warehouse, kitchens must be cleaned thoroughly. The kitchen will experience high levels of foot traffic, and of course, food preparation. Therefore, everything must be sparkling clean before tenants arrive. 

Cleaning kitchens can be a finicky process, thanks to a variety of different fixtures and finishes, along with small nooks such as your cupboards and drawers. However, it’s critical that kitchens are cleaned thoroughly and expertly.


Bathrooms are another area that require special attention, and a certain amount of care while cleaning. It’s critical that your post-construction cleaning company knows their business, so that no damage is done to your tiling, glass or other bathroom surfaces. A pristine bathroom will impress tenants, so ensure it’s done right.

Common areas

Common areas will cater to your tenants in several ways. They may simply be areas for your tenants to move through, or they may be meeting areas, event spaces or lobbies. Every tenant deserves a clean shared space, so these will need a good clean after construction is complete.

Storage areas

Storage areas, both large and small, require a good clean before they are put to use. Otherwise, the items stored will be exposed to all sorts of dust and dirt. Storage rooms and areas are often forgotten when it comes to cleaning… but forget them at your peril.

External areas


The sidewalks next to your finished structure will probably be covered in all sorts of stains, grime, dirt and whatever else. Sidewalks and footpaths will have had all kinds of materials, boots and equipment dragged, rolled and stomped across them… and as a result, they’ll need a thorough clean.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we utilise pressure washing equipment to get an excellent clean, leaving your sidewalks sparkling and your client or tenants happy.

Event spaces

Plenty of larger commercial and residential buildings come with event spaces, which will also require a thorough clean. These are often surfaced with concrete and therefore, gather all sorts of dust, dirt and grime… and require a professional clean.

Event spaces simply must be left in perfect condition, as they’ll be catering to a number of people. A dirty space is not conducive to a good experience for guests, and it can even put their health and safety at risk. 


The carpark is often the last area cleaned, and as a result, isn’t exactly washed to the highest standard. You might have stored building materials in the carpark, as well as piles of waste. There will also have been vehicles coming and going, and because of that, carparks get pretty dirty. 

Professional cleaning is essential for a carpark, and to get the best results, you’ll need to hire the best in the business. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re equipped with cutting-edge sweep and scrub machines, which deliver a sustainable, comprehensive clean.

We’re also equipped with the expertise and the knowledge to get the very best clean possible. 


The windows on a new build simply must be sparkling clean. If they aren’t, your new tenants, customers and clients won’t be happy… and that’s fair enough. 

Say, for example, you’ve just finished building or refurbishing a retail space with a large frontage and windows. The new owner or tenant will be placing products in the front windows. Therefore, if they’re left dirty, their business will be directly impacted.

Clean windows are a must. 

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Post-construction cleaning is an involved process, and it takes the right equipment, experience and expertise to get the job done properly. This is why at Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re very good at what we do. 

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