A Case Study: End of Lease Warehouse Cleaning

A Case Study: End of Lease Warehouse Cleaning

The client: SRT Global Solutions.

Scope of work:

  • Cleaning the warehouse once SRT had vacated all of their equipment, vehicles, machinery, and furniture.
  • Removing leftover rubbish, as agreed with the client.
  • Dismantling and stripping out a mezzanine floor area in the warehouse.

SRT Global Solutions hired Sydney Sweep and Scrub to complete an end-of-lease warehouse cleaning service in Sydney. The warehouse was 1200m2 and they had a tight deadline, needing to hand back the keys at the end of the week. Unfortunately, the company they had booked cancelled at the last minute due to problems with equipment.


Timeframe, removing large waste items, dismantling an older mezzanine floor, chemical spills.

Project details

Our expert team at Sweep and Scrub first removed all the junk and rubbish that was leftover, as agreed with the tenant. Our sister company, Sydney City Rubbish, removed the waste efficiently and safely. This included heavy plant and machinery that was no longer working properly and therefore had to be scrapped.

Once all of the waste was removed, our team took stock of the mezzanine floor. We carefully assessed the structure, which had been there for more than 5 years. Then, we put together a detailed plan for dismantling it. We did it safely and efficiently, ensuring that the entire mezzanine floor was taken apart and removed on the same day.

The next day our team commenced with the final part of the project, cleaning the warehouse structure. The first steps involved pressure washing the ceiling and ensuring that the surfaces and beams were all clean as can be. The runoff fell to the floor surface and would be cleaned up once floor cleaning began. We also performed necessary cleaning on the wall surfaces of the warehouse. In some sections, graffiti removal was required. 

The final step in the cleaning process was sweeping and scrubbing the warehouse floors. We were able to use our Tennant ride-on sweep and scrub machines to great effect, cleaning the entire area swiftly. There were a few grease stains and chemical spill stains that were easily dealt with, using biodegradable degreasers. And throughout the process, we sandbagged any drains so that runoff did not enter the stormwater system.

A job well done.

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Please note that while this case study is based on real projects conducted by Sweep and Scrub, this is a fictional company and scenario.

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