9 Tips for a Clean Sydney Carpark

9 Tips for a Clean Sydney Carpark

Keeping a carpark clean is a tough job, especially if your facility is large and multi-leveled. As we’ve discussed many times in the past, carparks can be subject to a very wide range of contaminants, moisture, and rubbish. However, as tedious as cleaning may be, it is essential for a number of reasons. 

A clean carpark is a safer carpark, with your customers and visitors much less likely to inhale dust, slip in a puddle or trip over debris. Cleaning also ensures that you are offering a pristine, presentable space to anyone that wants to, or is using your parking facility. Thirdly, it ensures the longevity of your space or your investment.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re experts in Sydney carpark cleaning. We’ve worked in carparks of all sizes, and our tried and tested methods deliver exceptional results on every single project. Here are our top 9 tips for a clean Sydney carpark.

Consider garage doors

Many carparks are open air, with large open windows and a simple boom gate at the entrance. However, if your carpark is multi-level, you should consider garage doors for hours when your facility is not open for use.

Solid doors provide an extra level of security, that doesn’t come with boom gates or grates. In the context of keeping a clean carpark, these kinds of doors will help to block dust and dirt, along with other debris like leaves. Keeping these nasties out of your carpark obviously makes the cleaning process much easier!

If you already have solid doors installed that you close, double-check your seals. Good quality seals will add an additional layer of protection, to help keep dust and dirt out of your facility, and your people safe. 


Clear signage is critical in a busy carpark. It should be there to provide directions, and ensure that vehicles and pedestrians are operating safely at all times. Moreover, good signage can also help to keep your parking facility clean.

For example, signs which remind customers, tenants and employees to place rubbish in the bin are golden. These signs will help prevent a build-up of rubbish. Along with those, signs that remind staff to sweep up or mop after a spill, are also extremely effective. These signs will help keep the appearance of your carpark clean, and make in-depth cleaning a little easier.

Regular sweeping

Sweeping is one of the most important cleaning processes for a carpark. Every carpark will experience a build-up of dust and dirt, and sweeping helps to remove these elements. If you do not remove them, dust can become a health hazard to anyone using the space.

Many carparks simply engage an employee or two to sweep the space with brooms… which is incredibly ineffective, and takes way too much time. By the end of this operation, the dust has simply settled elsewhere, and will remain a problem.

On the other hand, a professional Sydney carpark cleaning company can deliver an exceptional sweeping service for your facility. They will have the knowledge and experience to provide an incredibly thorough clean, and ensure that virtually all the dust and dirt in your carpark is removed. They’ll also be equipped with cutting-edge sweeping machinery.

Mechanical scrub

A scrub is the natural next step after a mechanical sweeping service. This kind of application scrubs your floors clean, removing any tougher stains, embedded dirt and dust, and most other contaminants. And the very best carpark cleaning companies will utilise machinery that does not require any cleaning chemicals.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, our ride-on sweep and scrub machines do not require any cleaning agents. We utilise a mix of high-pressure water, activated by electricity, to achieve astounding results, and remove all contaminants from your concrete surfaces. After a sweep and then a scrub, your carpark will sparkle!

Regular carpark cleaning

Having your carpark cleaned by experts on a regular basis is the best way to maintain a premier facility. Depending on the size of your facility, and the frequency of use, you may opt for a fortnightly clean, a monthly clean, a quarterly clean or even once every six months. Every space is different, but regular cleaning makes life much easier.

Linemarking by the pros

A clean carpark should have clear lines, ensuring that everyone in your facility is operating safely at all times. Good quality lines help keep cars where they need to be, away from pedestrians and not too close to other vehicles. Unfortunately, lines can fade over time, which is why linemarking by the professionals is absolutely essential.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we offer expert linemarking services to businesses, residential buildings and offices all over Sydney. Clear lines are critical for a functioning carpark, so make sure your lines are clean and visible at all times.

Provide rubbish bins

Too many parking lots just don’t provide rubbish bins for their customers, residents or employees. In the end, this can result in a slow build-up of rubbish and debris, which often falls out of customers cars. When they cannot see a rubbish bin, they may well leave the rubbish right where it fell. Installing rubbish bins into your carpark ensures that there is absolutely no excuse for leaving behind bits and pieces of waste.

Air filtration

Many carparks will have air filtration systems, especially those that are underground or enclosed. These systems help to remove particulate matter from the air, creating a safer space for people to breathe. They can also help to reduce the amount of dust that circulates through your carpark, lending to a cleaner facility.

If your space does not have air filtration systems, and you think you may need them, don’t hesitate to explore your options. If you already have air filtration systems but they don’t seem to be doing the job, make sure you get a service.

Consider the seasons!

A hot, windy summer will mean more dust. With winter, comes more rain and further moisture. Think about this when planning your cleaning processes. Each season can present different challenges to a carpark manager, and a professional carpark cleaning team will understand these challenges, and help you adapt.

Expert Sydney carpark cleaning

Looking for the best carpark cleaning in Sydney? Get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub today. We can’t wait to help!

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