What to Do When No-one Cleans the Office Kitchen?

What to Do When No-one Cleans the Office Kitchen?

A number of small, office-based businesses have a common issue when it comes to the communal office kitchen… sometimes staff just don’t clean up after themselves.

It’s a familiar sight – dirty dishes piled up, crumbs and food scraps left behind on the bench and tea and coffee stains everywhere.

Unfortunately, in a busy office, it happens.

But it’s not something that should be allowed to become the norm. In fact, a filthy office kitchen holds a number of serious risks for your staff.

They can harbour and spread harmful germs, which can make your staff sick. And sick employees will spread illness to other workers, as well as miss workdays.

As well as this, stains and spills can become a slip and fall risk.

This is something that must be taken very seriously, as this is the most common injury in an office-based workspace.

Thirdly, a filthy kitchen will attract pests. Whether they are bugs, rodents or flies, these pests increase the likelihood of illness, and make for a thoroughly unappealing space.

For all of these reasons and more, you must ensure the office kitchen is cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Here’s how to make it happen.

Set Up a Roster

If it’s your staff that do the cleaning, come up with a roster and place it in the kitchen.

As long as it’s fair, with every employee pulling equal weight, there’s no reason as to why workers who use the kitchen can’t clean up after themselves.

This is a good option if you’re unable to afford a commercial cleaning company, though the results will not be as good.

Educate Your Employees

One way to ensure your workers understand the importance of a clean kitchen is to educate them on the risks of a filthy one.

Explain the likelihood of germs spreading, pests infesting the space and the risk of injuries caused by spills and stains.

This should help to get the message through about the importance of keeping the space clean.

Even if you do have a regular commercial cleaning company that maintains your kitchen, it helps to educate your workers about cleaning up after themselves.

Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

The best way to ensure your office kitchen and other common areas are clean and safe is to hire a Sydney commercial cleaning company.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, our knowledge and efficiency are unrivalled.

We’ll prioritise the health and safety of your workers, leaving your office kitchen gleaming. This ensures that there are no harmful dust and germs or dangerous spills present.

To book a professional commercial cleaning service for your Sydney office, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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