Tips on Safely Sweeping Your Construction Site

Tips on Safely Sweeping Your Construction Site

When you’re managing a construction site, it’s imperative to keep it clean.

Moreover, an integral part of the cleaning process is sweeping (and sometimes scrubbing) concrete surfaces, where dust and grime builds up.

Safety always has to come first. Therefore, when sweeping your space, the process needs to be done with care.

Here are some tips for a safe construction site sweep.

Identify Danger Areas

First of all, identify any danger areas or risk factors that might pose a threat when sweeping your building site.

This can include areas where more dust might be present, pot holes, debris and any other potential obstruction.

Avoid any accidents or damage to equipment by identifying potential hazards first.

Use Safety Equipment

The dangers of dust on a construction site simply cannot be underestimated.

Although our sweep and scrub machines are extremely efficient, gathering virtually all dust in a single pass, we need to prioritise safety.

Therefore, whilst completing a construction site sweep, masks and other gear must be used. This includes for the workers who may be nearby and exposed to disturbed dust.

Think of the Environment

A safe sweep and scrub also means keeping the environment safe.

Therefore, ensure that the debris you do sweep up ends up in the right place. That is, not somewhere where it will negatively affect the environment.

Too often, cleaning results in debris and chemicals entering the storm water system, where it is washed into waterways.

Hire the Professionals

A professional sweep and scrub company will be far more efficient when sweeping your construction site – that’s a fact.

We also operate with the utmost safety and have a huge amount of experience in safe practices. That includes when completing a construction site sweep.

Therefore, you can rest easy when we are sweeping your construction site.

Inspect Afterwards

Finally, to complete a safe construction site sweep, a post-sweep inspection should be carried out.

This will ensure no spots are missed, and all hazardous dust and other debris has been removed from your surfaces.

That results in a safer workspace for your employees.

To discuss a construction site sweep, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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