Tips on Line Marking in Your Warehouse

Tips on Line Marking in Your Warehouse

Every warehouse uses a variety of lines.

These lines are there to aid direction, promote safety and maintain an organised space. Furthermore, they come in a variety of colours.

It’s important to have these lines marked properly in your warehouse, to make sure they are appropriate to your requirements.

Here are some tips on how best to carry out that process.

Plan Thoroughly and Understand Your Needs

First of all, decide what you’ll actually need lines for.

How much space do you need for storage? How many work areas do you need, and where will they be located? Where will your vehicles traverse?

Once you’ve established these important aspects of your warehouse floor, you can then plan your lines accordingly.

If you don’t plan properly, you may end up with an inefficient line system, which could cost your business in the end.

Ensure Your Surfaces are Clean

Before any line marking can take place, your floor surfaces need to be totally clean.

Thankfully, at Sydney Sweep and Scrub, this is what we do! We can clean concrete surfaces thoroughly and professionally, with our cutting-edge equipment.

Once we’ve swept and scrubbed your floor, we’ll then be able to mark your lines.

Know Your Colours

When it comes to line marking, different lines have different purposes.

For instance, yellow lines are ideal for paths, working areas and traffic lanes. Red lines are good to alert workers to risks, and white for miscellaneous use.

The colours you use need to be consistent, so that your workers can understand them. This is important for the functionality of your warehouse, and health and safety practices.

Employ a Contractor… and Commit to Quality

If you want the lines in your warehouse marked properly, a contractor is a must.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we only practice quality.

Therefore, when you contract us to mark your lines, you know you’re getting the very best. We are 100% committed to every job we undertake, and fully guarantee our methods.

To discuss your line marking needs, get in touch with us here.

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