Thorough Cleaning in Food-Grade Warehouse Storage

Thorough Cleaning in Food-Grade Warehouse Storage

Warehouse cleaning in Sydney is important for every industrial business. But when it comes to food-grade storage facilities, professional cleaning is absolutely critical. Not only is important for the well-being of your employees and visitors, but cleaning also ensures that the food stored in your facility remains uncontaminated.

If you manage a food storage facility, keeping it spotless simply must be your number one priority. Your business no doubt relies on providing safe storage for food products and therefore, you must take every measure possible to ensure your warehouse is clean at all times. There are also strict measures that you must abide by if storing food.

This is where regular Sydney warehouse cleaning is an absolute must.

What threats are present in a warehouse?

All warehouses contain a range of contaminants, even food-grade storage facilities! Therefore, it’s essential that you eliminate any risk of contamination by cleaning regularly, and destroying these unwanted invaders before they do any damage.


Bacteria is a common enemy in homes and businesses all over Sydney, including warehouses. When it comes to food-grade warehouse storage, bacteria is public enemy number one. A build-up of bacteria can compromise the quality of foodstuffs stored in your facility, which is simply unacceptable. However, regular cleaning with anti-bacterial products is a surefire way to destroy bacteria at the source.


Mice and rats are frequent visitors to most warehouses. But when there is food around, rodents are much more likely to pop in and say hello. Unfortunately, they bring with them bacteria and other nasty elements, so rodents should be dealt with quickly if they do appear. Regular cleaning will help keep them at bay, and ensure an infestation doesn’t take hold.


Insects also carry bacteria, and can find their way into your food storage facility quite easily. If they do so, they may well eat into your packing and compromise the foodstuffs stored in your warehouse. However, a clean facility is an excellent way to deter insects.


Fungus grows in warehouses all over the city, particularly in facilities such as distilleries. While some fungus is harmless, other forms of fungus can contaminate the food that you are storing in your facility, and must be removed quickly with effective cleaning. 

Dust and dirt

Most food storage facilities are secure against invading dust and dirt. However, these miniscule particles can still find their way into your warehouse. It’s imperative that you clean regularly to avoid dust, for the well-being of your employees, and for the integrity of the food that you store.

What constitutes professional Sydney warehouse cleaning?

Truly professional Sydney warehouse cleaning will include a number of essential elements, such as expertise and experience. Below are a few more essential elements that a professional Sydney warehouse cleaning company should have.

The right equipment

Getting the job done properly requires the right equipment. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re equipped with the best warehouse cleaning equipment in the business. We utilise ride-on sweep and scrub machines to ensure that concrete floors are sparkling clean, and free from dirt, dust, moisture, and any other undesirable elements.

We also make use of pressure washers and other cleaning equipment to clean those hard-to-reach areas, along with common areas. This modern equipment allows us to get the best clean possible ensuring that your food-storage warehouse is as clean as possible.

Thorough approach

We always apply an incredibly thorough approach to any warehouse cleaning project in Sydney. Our cleaning staff are highly trained and understand exactly which areas need the right attention. This approach ensures that no parts of your warehouse are missed, and the entire facility benefits greatly from an incredibly professional cleaning service. Unfortunately, not every warehouse cleaning company in Sydney is as dedicated!

Health and safety

Health and safety should be the top priority in your warehouse. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we are utterly committed to ensuring a safe environment for all those working and visiting your warehouse. We do this by ensuring that your warehouse floors are pristine so that there is no risk of slip and fall injury for your staff. Removing dust and dirt is also essential for eliminating any risk to respiratory health, and is a must in any warehouse. 

Sydney Sweep and Scrub

If you’re looking for Sydney warehouse cleaning, look no further. We provide exceptional machine scrub, machine sweep, and cleaning for food-grade warehouse storage in Sydney. Get in touch with us today for an obligation-free quote.

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