The Ultimate Lobby Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Lobby Cleaning Checklist

A clean lobby means an excellent first impression on anyone visiting your premises.

Whether that be clients, customers, staff, residents or potential partners, a good first impression sets you up for success.

Therefore, regular cleaning must be part of your management regime.

Daily Cleaning

Commercial cleaning on a daily basis is a necessity for any busy facility. Here are some essential cleaning tasks that should be done every day, in a high-traffic lobby:

  • Sweeping and vacuuming.
  • Mopping appropriate surfaces.
  • Wiping down door handles.
  • Wiping table, desk and bench surfaces.
  • Empty rubbish and recycling bins.
  • Wipe down touch points in lifts.
  • Inspect and clean stairwells where necessary.
  • Clean lobby bathrooms (if applicable).

Weekly Cleaning

Weekly cleaning for your lobby area will encompass some of the bigger tasks, and areas that may not see a buildup of filth as quickly. Weekly cleaning tasks should include the following:

  • Clean and polish glass doors.
  • Clean and polish windows.
  • Polish hardware, where applicable.
  • Clean blinds and window covers, where applicable.
  • Spot clean walls.
  • Dust with damp wipes and dusters.
  • Dust trimmings and skirting boards, where applicable.
  • Clean lobby furniture.
  • Dust lights and lamps.
  • Thoroughly clean and sanitise bathrooms, including all fixtures, doors, walls and partitions.

Monthly Cleaning

The most detailed cleaning tasks should be carried out on a monthly basis, unless a more regular interval is required. Monthly cleaning should include the following:

  • Cleaning walls, doors and skirting boards, floor to ceiling.
  • Polish floors.
  • Dust for cobwebs in corners.
  • Thoroughly clean lighting fixtures.
  • Dust door frames and tops of doors.
  • Change air filters.
  • Dust air-conditioning units.
  • Check vent spaces.
  • Thoroughly inspect for pests.
  • Inspect bathrooms and facilities for mould.
  • Ensure sinks and drains are clear.

Hire a Professional Sydney Commercial Cleaning Company

Remove the headache of regular cleaning in your lobby by hiring a Sydney commercial cleaning company like Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

We can maintain your lobby with daily, weekly and monthly cleaning services, or tailor a cleaning schedule to suit you.

We’ll leave your lobby gleaming with our combination of experience, cutting-edge equipment and excellent customer service.

To book a regular Sydney commercial cleaning service for your building, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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