The Ultimate Checklist for End of Lease Cleaning for Your Sydney Office Space

The Ultimate Checklist for End of Lease Cleaning for Your Sydney Office Space

Keeping track of what you need to clean at the end of your lease can be a headache.

This task is made far easier by hiring a Sydney commercial cleaning company like Sydney Sweep and Scrub to complete the job for you.

However, if you decide to handle the project yourself, we’d like to help you out too.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the areas that need to be addressed during an end of lease clean for your Sydney office space.

Floor Surfaces

  • Thoroughly vacuum all floor surfaces.
  • Steam clean carpets, ensuring no trace of stains.
  • Mop tiles and concrete surfaces.
  • Polish tiles and concrete surfaces.

Wall and Ceiling Surfaces

  • Remove any dust from corners.
  • Clean wall and ceiling surfaces where necessary.
  • Look for scuff marks and remove accordingly.

Storage Areas

  • Make sure there is nothing left on shelves.
  • Remove any dust or scuff marks from walls and shelves.
  • Clean floors within storage areas.
  • Ensure doors are clean.


  • Wash and disinfect basins.
  • Thoroughly clean all tiled surfaces.
  • Clean and polish taps and fixtures.
  • Disinfect and thoroughly clean all toilets
  • Clean and polish mirrors.
  • Remove dust from air vents.
  • Clean cubicle walls and doors.


  • Clean inside and outside of microwave.
  • Thoroughly clean and degrease inside and outside of oven.
  • Clean bench tops.
  • Disinfect stove and splash backs.
  • Thoroughly clean inside of dishwashers and fridges (where applicable).
  • Make sure all shelves and cupboards are free of any dust or marks.
  • Ensure all seats and tables are spotless.

Lobby Area

  • Mop and polish tiles or concrete floor.
  • Clean all windows and doors.
  • Ensure all permanent furniture is clean.
  • Steam clean any carpet.
  • Clean fixed benches, i.e. welcome desk.

Windows and Doors

  • Thoroughly clean all windows throughout building.
  • Clean all doors of any marks.

To discuss end of lease cleaning for your Sydney commercial office space, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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