The Importance of Sustainable Cleaning

The Importance of Sustainable Cleaning

All over the world, we’re becoming increasingly aware of the effect our cleaning practices have on the environment.

Poor use of chemicals, non-recycling and careless disposal all affect the environment and people around us. These irresponsible practices also cost businesses a lot of money, unnecessarily.

Whether it’s car parks, warehouses or construction sites, Sydney Sweep and Scrub are devoted to sustainable cleaning.

Here’s why.

It’s Better for People

Environmentally friendly cleaning does not only benefit the environment, but it also benefits the people who work for and visit your business.

Harmful chemicals and gases can cause headaches, breathing problems and dizziness if exposed to people. Therefore, using environmentally friendly chemicals ensures that the staff and customers of your space are safe at all times.

Our LPG vehicles are eco-friendly, as they do not release the same harmful gases into the atmosphere as petrol or diesel vehicles may.

Our vehicles and machinery are also fitted with HEPA filters, which prevent harmful particles making their way out into the atmosphere.

Create Less Waste

Sustainable cleaning practices result in less waste.

Sydney Sweep and Scrub ensures that all rubbish and waste is correctly disposed of or recycled, and doesn’t end up in the wrong place.

Using chemicals and liquids only where necessary eliminates overuse of this material, and therefore reduces the risk for potential pollution.

Recycling and reusing items saves the environment, not to mention money.

Sydney Sweep and Scrub are dedicated to disposing of waste that cannot be recycled only through EPA accredited waste disposal facilities.

A Good Impression on Customers

By having your space cleaned by an environmentally conscious company, your business’s reputation as an eco-friendly organisation will grow.

Customers appreciate a business which is ‘keen to go green’ wherever possible. This has the potential to bring in new clientele who’d rather work with an environmentally aware business.

These practices can also increase the happiness of employees who prefer to work for an organisation which uses sustainable services.

It Avoids Pollution

A sustainable car park and warehouse cleaning contractor will take measures to eliminate the possibility of pollution.

For example, by sandbagging and using drain guards when working with cleaning chemicals, we’re ensuring unwanted liquids don’t end up in the storm water system. These liquids can then be cleaned up responsibly afterwards.

As well as that, a sustainable company will avoid using non-biodegradable products. By doing this, you are having a very important and positive impact on the environment.

Now is the time to use a sustainable, environmentally conscious company to clean your commercial or industrial space. The environment, and your people, will thank you for it.

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