The Four Biggest Bacteria Hot Spots in Your Office – Part One

The Four Biggest Bacteria Hot Spots in Your Office – Part One

A bustling office can be a hotspot for a variety of germs and bacteria.

Unfortunately, these bacteria can build up quickly, and have a serious impact on the health and wellbeing of your staff. Moreover, this will translate into a financial impact on your business.

The best way to deal with bacteria like this is to schedule a regular commercial office cleaning service, from a provider like Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

We’re well versed in disinfecting the germ and bacteria hotspots, thereby protecting your staff and leaving your office space sparkling.

However, you can strike pre-emptively. If you and your workers are able to understand the most common places that germs and bacteria build up, you can help to reduce its threat.

Here are some of the areas where bacteria will build up in your office.

The Keyboard

It’s no wonder that one of the biggest build ups of bacteria occurs on our computer keyboards. We spend most of our day at our computer, typing away and doing our work.

Unfortunately, though, this constant use results in a big collection of germs and bacteria.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re well versed at disinfecting high contact surfaces when we complete a Sydney commercial office cleaning project.

However, your staff can do their bit too by wiping down their keyboard each day with an anti-bacterial wipe, or even a damp tissue. While it won’t be as effective as a professional cleaning service, it will help.


Our own personal mugs can become bacteria-ridden if we don’t thoroughly and regularly clean them, with boiling water and washing liquid – not just lukewarm water!

However, if we are sharing communal mugs, germs can spread like wildfire. In fact, research has shown that 1 in 5 mugs actually carries faecal bacteria.

Unfortunately, not everyone will wash their mug properly after using it. They may just rinse it briefly, dry it off and then place it back in the cupboard.

This will inevitably spread germs throughout the office, putting your workers at risk of illness. Therefore, ensure your staff are cleaning mugs and other crockery and cutlery properly.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we understand the importance of thorough cleaning in any Sydney commercial office.

Desk Surfaces

It’s now common knowledge that our desks carry a huge number of bacteria.

However, in most modern offices, staff don’t give this issue enough consideration, and therefore don’t take any measures to clean their desks.

Considering how much of our day we spend at our desks, it’s so important to do what we can to keep them clean.

The best way is to schedule a regular commercial office cleaning service from Sydney Sweep and Scrub. We’ll disinfect your desk surfaces, ensuring bacteria and germs are stopped in their tracks.

Bathroom Fixtures

The taps, handles and sinks in your office bathrooms will carry plenty of germs and bacteria.

When your staff use the bathrooms, they’ll inevitably be touching taps, door handles and the sinks. This aids the transfer of harmful bacteria, meaning a higher chance that your staff can become ill.

Therefore, combat this spread through regular Sydney commercial office cleaning. Not only will it stop germs building up on your bathroom fixtures, it’ll also make your bathrooms far more appealing.

To discuss a professional Sydney commercial office cleaning service, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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