The Benefits of a Professional Machine Scrub in Your Car Park

The Benefits of a Professional Machine Scrub in Your Car Park

To maintain a safe, sparkling clean car park, it’s imperative that you thoroughly machine wash your concrete surfaces regularly.

In the past, this job might have been addressed with a mop and bucket, and plenty of laborious hours of work.

However, these days there is a much simpler option.

Sydney Sweep and Scrub offer efficient mechanical cleaning services. We combine expertise and cutting-edge equipment to provide the best clean possible.

Therefore, here are some benefits of employing the professionals.


Our modern ride on vehicles are extremely maneuverable.

This means that whilst they cover a broad area when cleaning, they can also get into tighter spaces that might be present in your car park.

Therefore, we can ensure that no surface is missed, and you’re left with an extremely thorough machine clean.

For extremely tight spots, we can utilise hand held cleaning equipment, like pressure washers and smaller machine scrubbers.


A machine scrub is extremely thorough, leaving out no part of your car park.

Thanks to FloorSmart cleaning technology, our vehicles will grab 99% of dust and dirt with just one pass.

The high-tech brushes, careful use of water and eco-friendly chemicals means our machine scrub is extremely thorough.

A Fast Clean

A machine scrub is faster than any other method.

In the end, that means your business is able to operate with less hassle, and you’ll be saving on time and money.

To discuss a machine scrub for your car park, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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