Sydney Sweep and Scrub: Cleaning Bin Areas

Sydney Sweep and Scrub: Cleaning Bin Areas

Clean bin areas are an important part of any business premises, or residential complex.

If these areas aren’t cleaned regularly, they’ll be prone to attracting all manner of pests. As well as that, a filthy bin area presents a health and safety risk.

Avoid these potentially serious issues by having a commercial cleaning company like Sydney Sweep and Scrub thoroughly wash your bin areas.

We’ll use our tried and tested methods to give you the best clean possible, leaving your bin areas gleaming, and safe for use.

Here’s a little more about some of our processes.

Pressure Washing

Tough stains are commonplace in concrete bin areas.

All manner of contaminants can seep out of rubbish bags and bins, taking hold on the concrete surfaces.

Grease, oil and chemicals are all frequent offenders, and can be nigh on impossible to lift from concrete without the right equipment and experience.

Therefore, we utilise our powerful hot water pressure washers, easily removing all kinds of difficult stains.

A professional commercial cleaning service is simply a must for those hard to remove stains in your bin area.

Sweep and Scrub

For large industrial bin areas, we’re able to utilise our cutting-edge, ride-on sweep and scrub machines.

With a combination of experience, knowledge and modern technology, we’ll clean your large bin area swiftly and thoroughly.

There aren’t many (if any) commercial cleaning services that can boast the same range of equipment and know-how that we can.

Therefore, for the best commercial cleaning service for your bin area, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

Eco-Friendly Chemicals

When we clean tough stains and pollutants, we only use eco-friendly chemicals.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, this is part of our commitment to sustainability in every single cleaning project we undertake.

Moreover, we take all measures possible to ensure that even our eco-friendly chemicals do not make it into the storm water system.

We sandbag drains and operate with care while pressure washing and sweeping and scrubbing.

To discuss truly sustainable commercial cleaning for your bin area, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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