Schedule a Routine Machine Scrub for Your Warehouse

Schedule a Routine Machine Scrub for Your Warehouse

With our online booking and reminder system for sweeping and scrubbing, it’s now easier than ever to schedule a routine clean for your warehouse.

Utilising our cutting-edge vehicles, we’ll deliver a thorough clean, ensuring your floors are free of dust and dirt.

When this is done on a routine basis, the effects on your business are profound.


A routine machine scrub is an efficient practice.

For instance, it will prevent dust and dirt from building up on the concrete floor of your warehouse.

Our machine scrub is extremely thorough, leaving no dust or dirt behind. This is thanks to high-tech brushes, combined with water and minimal eco-friendly chemicals.

Moreover, with a scheduled scrub, you’ll know exactly when your warehouse will be cleaned, and can therefore plan around it.

Less Hassle

When you have a regular sweep and scrubbed penciled in, it means equates to less hassle.

Often, businesses tend to try and ‘keep an eye’ on the state of their warehouse. They plan to book a machine scrub, only when absolutely necessary.

However, booking in a scrub often falls by the wayside. This is understandable, as warehouse managers are busy people.

Therefore, by scheduling a routine scrub, you’ll be avoiding the hassle of having to remember to book one, each time it’s required.

Consistently Clean Space

A scheduled sweep and scrub means your warehouse will be a consistently clean space.

This has great benefits for the health and safety of your staff. For example, less harmful dust and dirt will be present on your concrete floors.

Moreover, your warehouse will be constantly pleasing to the eye. Continue to impress customers, clients and stakeholders with a regular clean.

As well as this, a regularly cleaned space is conducive to better efficiency from your staff. Your workers simply perform better in a clean, well-ordered environment.

To schedule a regular sweep and scrub for your warehouse, get in touch here.

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