Schedule a Routine Machine Scrub for Your Car Park

Schedule a Routine Machine Scrub for Your Car Park

With our online booking system, it’s now easier than ever to schedule a routine machine scrub for your car park.

At this time of year, car parks are seeing an increase in traffic, as people hurry to complete work and Christmas shopping.

Therefore, the cleanliness of your space needs to be maintained.

When you schedule a regular sweep and scrub for your car park, you’ll be sure to see a number of significant benefits.

A Healthier and Safer Space

A car park covered in dirty surfaces, dust and litter is not a safe space.

Oil spills from cars, rubbish and other filth can contribute to accidents. People walking through the car park can slip on an unclean surface and fall.

Moreover, vehicles may lose traction on spills or stains, which can be a very dangerous scenario in a confined space.

Eliminate this risk by scheduling a regular machine scrub.

As well as this, your car park will see a stream of foot traffic as people come and go throughout the festive season.

However, a filthy carpark can affect your employees and customers’ health. Dust, litter, chemicals and spilled liquids can all be hazardous to the lungs if left to fester.

Therefore, it’s important to regularly clean your car park to avoid risking the health of your staff and customers.

Stress Free

When you book in a regular machine scrub, you’ll no longer need to worry about booking each time your space becomes dirty.

That takes away the hassle of inspecting the car park and contacting Sydney Sweep and Scrub for a machine scrub.

Therefore, you’ll be free to spend more time focusing on running your business, and less time on the state of your concrete surfaces.

Sparkling Clean

A car park that is regularly machine washed and scrubbed is a clean one.

And when your car park is gleaming, you’ll be sure to impress customers, staff and clients alike. Going forward, this can have a great effect on your business.

People will be more likely to park in a space which has impressed them before – it builds trust between you and your customers.

Moreover, when your customers are impressed by the state of your car park, they’ll be sure to recommend your facilities to others.

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