Post-Event Cleaning: Concrete Surfaces

Post-Event Cleaning: Concrete Surfaces

You’ve just held a big event in your event space. It’s been a raging success, but your floor surfaces are covered in dirt, grime and various stains.

Before you hold another event, these floors need to be cleaned. Moreover, they need to be cleaned swiftly, before stains and grime take hold.

The best way to address this is to book in a post-event sweep and scrub.

Sydney Sweep and Scrub will leave your space in perfect condition, ready for your next groundbreaking event.

Here are the benefits to a post-event machine scrub.

Pristine Space

An event space must be sparkling clean at all times.

Therefore, a post-event clean is absolutely necessary. This is because you’ll likely have potential clients inspecting the space at all times.

Your reputation will depend on the presentation of the event area, so to maintain a fantastic image, you must keep the space pristine with a sweep and scrub.

A clean, professional space will be sure to impress clients and attendees alike.

Protect Floor Surfaces

When your space is constantly hosting large scale events, it’s so important to maintain and protect your concrete floor surfaces.

The best way to do this is to schedule a routine sweep and scrub.

If you allow stains or spills to seep into the concrete, they can compromise the integrity of the surface.

That can result in cracks or breaks in the concrete. When this happens, it can cost a lot of money to repair the surface properly.

Therefore, to ensure this does not happen, schedule a routine machine scrub with Sydney Sweep and Scrub, and save your business.

Health and Safety

Promptly cleaning up spills and stains from your floor surfaces will help to avoid slip and fall injuries.

Furthermore, dust and other particles need to be swept and scrubbed away to prevent any health risks associated with breathing in harmful contaminants.

It’s imperative that you provide a safe space for anyone using your event area, and a post-event scrub will ensure this is the case.


A regular sweep and scrub will help to promote sustainability in your event space.

For example, our cutting-edge vehicles use up to 70% less water than other, similar cleaning applications. That means an enormous saving on water, chemicals and fuel.

It’s a far better practice than washing your concrete surfaces with a mop and bucket, and will therefore result in a saving on labour costs.

To discuss a sweep and scrub for your event space, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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