Mistakes to Avoid When Marking Lines in Your Warehouse

Mistakes to Avoid When Marking Lines in Your Warehouse

Most warehouses utilise lines, for a variety of reasons.

For instance, they can mark vehicle and passenger thoroughfares, danger zones, work areas and loading bays.

It’s important that these lines are marked by a professional contractor, so that they are as effective as possible.

Here are some mistakes to avoid when marking lines in your warehouse.

Inconsistent Colours

A variety of colours can be used, for different reasons.

For example, red often alerts people to potential danger, while white lines denote a vehicle or pedestrian causeway. Yellow is often used to mark work areas.

However, if these colours are not used consistently, it can confuse your workers and anyone visiting your warehouse.

For instance, failing to use red markings in an area when caution must be taken could result in serious injury, or death.

Moreover, using yellow lines for both work areas and thoroughfares could also result in a nasty accident.

This can however, be avoided. Simply ensure that the colours you use are consistent.

Failing to Plan

If you don’t plan the layout of your lines, you’ll be in for a headache.

By planning thoroughly, you’ll be able to use the space as effectively as possible. That means you’ll be able to maximise work spaces, and implement efficient vehicle lanes.

A more efficient use of space ultimately means savings for your business.

Poor Directional Lines

Yet another mistake that can occur is laying down poor directional lines.

This is especially important in larger warehouses, or warehouses where much of the staff might be temporary contractors.

It’s imperative that workers can find their way around easily, and quickly. If they can’t, productivity will fall, costing your business money.

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