Know Your Sweep and Scrub Company – Part 2

Know Your Sweep and Scrub Company – Part 2

Following on from our first article, we decided that there’s even more you need to know when hiring a cleaning contractor.

Whether your space is a warehouse, car park or public space, an accomplished sweep and scrub company can work wonders.

An unprofessional, poorly trained one can wreak havoc and cost your business time and money in the long run.

Here are four more questions to ask to get the best deal possible.

Are They Insured?

The contractor that you work with simply must be insured.

It could be a costly mistake for your business to hire them if they aren’t.

They need to ensure that your assets are protected from damage, and workers compensation insurance is provided for any injuries that may take place in your workplace.

If the contractor doesn’t have the correct insurance, it could end up costing your company a huge amount when an accident or damage takes place.

A cleaning contractor should be able to show you a certificate of insurance upon request.

If they cannot, or refuse to, don’t risk it.

Is The Price Right?

The ongoing cost of the contract has to be right for both parties.

Too expensive could mean you’re paying well over the top for their services. You might be getting ripped off, and likely not getting the quality that you’re paying for.

Too cheap might indicate poor quality workmanship, lack of expertise and perhaps older equipment.

We advise properly investigating your options beforehand, so that you get the best price.

How Long is the Contract?

It’s imperative that if you do sign an ongoing contract, you’re not locking yourself into anything that is too long, right away.

You may find yourself stuck in an agreement with a contractor who isn’t a good fit.

Alternatively, the contractor may be cleaning too frequently or infrequently, and costing your business unnecessarily.

Before signing anything too lengthy, a trial period is a good idea.

Do Your Values Align?

You should find out if the contractors values truly align with your own.

What are their priorities? Will they strive for the best or just get the job done as quickly as possible and leave? Do they appreciate and care for their employees?

It’s important that you share similar values and priorities, as that inevitably means you’re on the same page when it comes to expectations.

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