Green Machine Scrubbing for Your Stadium

Green Machine Scrubbing for Your Stadium

If you’re searching for an eco-friendly cleaning contractor, look no further than Sydney Sweep and Scrub.

We always promote sustainability in our practices. Moreover, we understand the importance of doing everything possible to care for the environment.

Minimising our use of water and chemicals, as well as emissions, is important to us. Therefore, you can be sure that our methods are green.

Therefore, when you contract Sydney Sweep and Scrub to scrub your stadium, you’re making a commitment to sustainability.

Here’s why.

Less Water

It’s imperative now more than ever, to save water where possible.

For instance, this includes during any cleaning application, such as machine scrubbing stadiums.

Therefore, at Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we use the least amount of water possible, when completing a machine wash.

Our cutting-edge ride-on cleaning vehicles operate with ec-H2O technology. This minimises water used, meaning a more sustainable and more affordable clean.

Less Chemicals

Many cleaning applications use far too many chemicals. Unfortunately, these find their way into storm water, and from there, our precious waterways.

For example, our rivers and oceans are already riddled with pollution. Therefore, every contractor should be doing whatever they can to minimise contaminants.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we only use eco-friendly chemicals.

Moreover, our high-tech vehicles use minimal cleaning agents when operating. This is thanks to an electrically activated water and chemical mixing system.

This gives the best machine wash possible, whilst looking out for the eco-system.

LPG Engines

Unlike many other ride-on sweep and scrub vehicles, our machines run on LPG.

This means they are far more fuel efficient, cost less to run and release less harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

As well as that, pollutants released by the engine are minimal, thanks to specialised filters which trap airborne particles.

Therefore, when you hire Sydney Sweep and Scrub, your stadium will be getting the most efficient, cost-effective and sustainable scrub possible.

To discuss a machine scrub for your stadium, get in touch with Sydney Sweep and Scrub here.

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