Carpark Cleaning: Sweeping

Carpark Cleaning: Sweeping

Most car parks, both open and enclosed, always gather debris, rubbish and anything  imaginable from many activities including storms, crowds or during general day-to-day activities. The car park is a forgotten and neglected place for many, with rubbish and dust continuing to build up.

here at Sydney Sweep and Scrub we have the capacity to make car park cleaning a breeze. Our first class car park service always come with trained drivers to make the process even easier for you.

However big or tiny the space  we have sweepers  that will complete your job.



Safety Always.

We at Sydney sweep and Scrub always prioritise safety first. For us it comes naturally.

When cleaning in a tight space, dust and exhaust gasses can be a major health concern. To ensure human safety we only use Tennant sweepers that employ a three-stage filter process that filters to less than 5 microns. How big are microns? 12 Microns are how thick the paint on your walls at home is.

Not only does a tidy car park look better , but it is also safer for those who use it, work in it or those simply passing through.

For a free car park cleaning quote, please  call Sydney Sweep and Scrub now on 02 9114 9062 and talk to one of our experienced staff who will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.



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