6 Benefits of Machine Scrubbing in Your Sydney Warehouse

6 Benefits of Machine Scrubbing in Your Sydney Warehouse

Dirt, dust, oil, grease, and all kinds of other nasty elements. 

These are just some of the pollutants you’ll find on the concrete floor of your Sydney warehouse. Unfortunately, each of these compounds can cause serious damage to your staff and your facility. On top of that, it just looks unprofessional!

Regular cleaning is crucial for a smooth warehouse operation, and that should always include scrubbing your concrete floors. Many warehouse-based organisations employ cleaning companies that use manual equipment to clean floors, but these days, that simply isn’t enough.

At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we use the latest ride-on, sweep and scrub machines. These machines allow our operators to traverse your warehouse floors quickly, while delivering an extremely efficient clean every single time. To get the best clean for your warehouse, it’s critical to hire a professional Sydney warehouse cleaning company, equipped with the right machinery.

Here are six benefits of a regular machine scrub for your warehouse.

A safer space for people

Numerous studies have shown that dust and dirt in warehouses present a significant risk factor to the people spending time in the space. That includes employees, management, visitors, and even the people who walk past your open entrances. If people inhale dust and other particles such as silica, they can develop serious respiratory problems, which may lead to death later in life. However, by contracting a warehouse cleaning company to scrub your floors, you’ll be ensuring that the health of your people is always prioritised.

Health and safety is critical for every single business, and you simply cannot neglect the condition of your warehouse. Not only will a machine scrub remove the dangerous dust particles, but it will also remove any dangerous spills and stains that can cause slip and fall accidents. That is simply a must.

Be ready to make a good impression

First impressions always count. Unfortunately, a filthy warehouse floor can deliver a poor first impression, potentially affecting the standing of your business. What’s more, impressions carry over to employees, and potential recruits, as well as customers. A positive impression will likely lead to happier staff and more productive operations, as well as happier customers who are more willing to engage in business with you.

Hiring a high-quality contractor to scrub your warehouse floors is a straightforward process… but you need to pick wisely! A cleaning company that doesn’t understand the ins and outs of machine scrubbing could damage your floors… and that will certainly result in costly repairs, an unsafe environment, and of course, a poor first impression!

Therefore, ensure you do your due diligence when researching available Sydney warehouse cleaning companies. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’ve got the experience, expertise, and cutting-edge equipment to make sure your warehouse is always delivering an excellent first impression.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t just stop with your concrete floors. Make sure you’re keeping up appearances in your bathrooms, staff kitchens, offices, and reception areas. You won’t regret it.

Longevity of your space

Whether you own your warehouse space or are locked into a long-term lease, it’s important to consider how to best care for your concrete floors. Unfortunately, if you allow contaminants and moisture to build up, they can cause your concrete floors to crack, deteriorate and degrade over time. This is why regular attention to your warehouse floor surfaces is critical.

A regular machine scrub will effectively remove any dust, dirt, pooled moisture, or spills and stains from your concrete floors. That will ensure that your floors will not be impacted by nasty compounds, saving you plenty of time and money in the future, especially if you’re renting your space… landlords won’t take kindly to degraded concrete.

Sustainable practices

Warehouse cleaning has often been associated with harsh chemicals that aren’t exactly doing the environment any favours. But we’re more aware of sustainable and eco-friendly practices than ever before, meaning we can deliver an exceptional clean without the need for chemicals that may be harmful to your staff, and the environment. 

Did you know that machine scrubbing only uses water? The ability to make use of high-pressure water and cutting-edge scrubbing brushes means we have no need for chemicals when cleaning your Sydney warehouse. At Sydney Sweep and Scrub, we’re very proud of our commitment to sustainability and our ability to conserve resources in cleaning.

These cleaning methods mean that we ensure every warehouse cleaning operation is a sustainable one, and you can rest easy knowing that in cleaning terms, your organisation is truly environmentally friendly. 

Discourage littering and vandalism

Studies have shown that a clean space, such as a warehouse or a carpark, will be much less likely to experience vandalism and littering. However, if the facility looks dank and unkempt, with all sorts of dust and spills on your floors, people will be much more likely to litter. This kind of image will also attract vandals, and you might find your warehouse with graffiti or broken windows.

Safety and security are always a concern and by leaving your warehouse in poor condition, you’ll be putting your facility at risk. It’s simply not worth it, so ensure that you engage the professionals to clean your warehouse regularly.

Deter rodents and other unwanted visitors

A truly clean warehouse floor doesn’t just deter people from littering and vandalising, it also keeps away rodents and bugs. Mice and rats can carry bacteria and disease, which puts your employees at serious risk of health problems. Unfortunately, these rodents love an unclean space, such as a dirty warehouse.

However, if you clean regularly, you’ll effectively deter rodents and other pests like cockroaches, which also carry bacteria. By hiring Sydney Sweep and Scrub to machine scrub your warehouse floors, you’ll be going a long way towards keeping these unwanted visitors at bay.
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